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  Once you have decided to go in for higher studies in Singapore , what is the step-by-step procedure ?  
  If we decide on which college & which course, then the steps are:  
  1 - The candidate fills up the College Application Form & the relevant Univ Form. (available at FSB)
2 - The candidate fills up the Form 16, Form 36, etc (Student Visa Forms) (available at FSB)
3 - Fix a photo each on these forms
4 - Add supporting documents in Xerox with Notary Public attestation. (See the list in the doc. Attached in this mail.)
5 - Take a DD for the application Money in Singapore Dollars in the name of the college account.(it differs from college to       college) –You can use FSB’s help.
6 - Add a Cover Note by Foreign Studies of Bureau with its favourable remarks about the candidate.
7 - Foreign Studies of Bureau couriers the whole of the set to the College
  Wait for the Admission Offer Letter - ( Max - 15 Days )
With that admission letter, you can process your Edu Loan, in case you go in for loans.
  Reserve accommodation in Singapore. You can use FSB’s help.  
  Wait for IPA (In-Principle Approval); for Student Visa - 6 to 8 weeks.  
  Book air-ticket to Singapore at the dates they suggest. You can use FSB’s help.  
  Buy enough Singapore Dollars (currency, TC,), for Expenses, hostel deposits, Student Pass card, local travel, initial college expenses, etc, -- 2000 to 3000 Sing Dollars – You can use FSB’s help.  
  After arrival in Singapore, follow the co-passengers to the Immigration Counters and then to the luggage-claim areas. Afterwards follow “TAXI” signage and go to taxi stand.
Take a taxi, give the address of the hostel to the taxi-driver (preferably written in neat piece of paper); the driver drops you at the doorstep.
  Next day or if you reach in the morning, later on the same day  
  Take a taxi and go to the college; (as earlier, give the address to the taxi driver, he drops you at the college gates), ask for admission office, produce the OFFER LETER and follow their instructions thereafter.  
  Check with them about location of the bus-stop and the bus route numbers and the name of the point nearest to your Hostel, so that you can use the bus transport next day onwards.. Ideally speaking, if you use taxis, please write the full address in a neat piece of paper with a sketch pen, and give the address slip to the cab driver. This will avoid errors in communication in the first few days. Very soon, you will get used to their accent.  
  Study well & prove that Indian brains can reach the top ranks