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  What are the most sought-after destination-countries for Higher Studies?  
  The list goes like this:
USA, UK, Australia & Singapore
  Then, Why Singapore?  
The recent financial crises in USA, the Cold weather & racial indifference for Asians in UK, the violence against Indians in Australia, the distance from India, the stringent Visa requirements, etc. emotionally distance several Indians from the FIRST three countries.
Absence of all the above factors recommends Singapore. Over & above, Singapore is crime free, pollution free, corruption free & racism free.
The presence of a lot of Indian temples, Indian restaurants, Indian Grocery & other shops naturally make you feel at home.
Some parents, like us, busy in India throughout the weekdays, sometimes use just the weekends to visit their children studying in Singapore & come back to work on Monday morning — unimaginable if the student studies in USA or UK or Australia.
  Just a hop off- across the Bay Of Bengal  
  No wonder that Singapore has emerged as the NEW INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION HUB of the globe!!  
  What sort of Masters Courses is popular now?  
After the I.T sectors recently became a bit confused about future prospects, students have become increasingly shy of I.T. Courses. It may be a temporary scenario; but, business related courses like MBA, Tourism, Logistics, Leisure Management, etc are getting more & more popular these days. We have this year more than dozen cases of B.E. B.Arch & B.Tech. students aspiring for MBAs in Singapore.
  What options are available within MBA  
The General MBA is the most popular. MBAs with specializations in H.R., International Business, Banking, Finance, Professional Accounting, Marketing, Tourism, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Leisure Management, Casino Management, combination with I.T., etc. are also there.
  Can u give a brief about the educational Institutions in Singapore at the tertiary level?  
Yes. It is an important Question.
There are the Government Universities like NUS & NTU as well as the private universities & Colleges.
The Govt Universities like NUS & NTU hold very high global ranks. They offer very good Singapore degrees.
There are many private Colleges & Universities too. We have done a lot of filtering & scrutiny and short-listed about 7 to 8 institutions.
My son, Amrith, has personally visited them and inspected their infra structures and facilities.
These short-listed institutions offer their own Courses as well as courses from Australian & UK universities like RMIT, University of Wales, Edith Cowan University, Greenwich University, University of Southern Queensland, Victoria University, University of Southern Cross, University Of Brunswick, Bradford University, Northumbria University, Grenoble Graduate School, (France), Oklahoma University, James Cook University, Curtin University, Coventry University, etc. at very reasonable Fees.
  And the Fees – are they expensive?  
Not at all.
If the same student applies for admission in the parent university in UK or Australia, he might end up spending about 30 to 40 % more on tuition fees alone.
Singapore Fees are reasonable.
Food & stay would cost about 1000 pounds in UK and about 700 Sing Dollars in Singapore! – almost one fourth.
Recently, a Sri Lankan parent found that the capitation fees of a college here is more expensive than the entire Tuition Fees of a Singapore B.E. !!
  What about Accommodation?  
There are apartments and private Air-conditioned Hostels offering very satisfying accommodation. Some even cover Internet, Laundry, etc. Students have dedicated work tables, wardrobes, etc.
  And how would u summarize the overall experience one will have studying in Singapore?  
My son himself is a demo piece.
I sent him to Singapore in my first batch of students, after he finished his 10th std.
It is 10 years since then.
He has completed Diploma level of studies, worked in a multi-national company for 3 years, saved enough money, started & ran two of his own businesses and now he is doing evening MBA too. He sent enough funds to me to meet the initial payment for a decent flat in T.Nagar for our family recently.
In the meanwhile he has become a P.R. and a Singapore Citizen.
Looking back, neither he nor I have any regret at all about our choosing Singapore for higher studies.
When I counsel, I speak from my experience, not from hearsay, and also look at the whole of it like an anxious father of a student.
  JOB Opportunities?  
  Every college has its own career-counselling department.
They guide the students where to look for jobs, how to approach them, what the search engines are, etc. etc.
The students have to look for jobs themselves.
But so far no one of the students sent by us is idle without a job.
  When are the intake dates?  
The normal expectation Indians have is one intake every June in a year. Or may be two- one more in September-October. BUT
In Singapore private colleges, there are admissions every third or fourth month. Students who miss admission in India need not worry over losing one full academic year.
Singapore will lend you a helping hand.
  Education Loans?  
  Even rich business people will not keep lakhs of rupees bundled in their house lofts.
Money is meant to be rotated.
That is where, Educational loans come handy. All nationalized banks readily offer loans.
Loans beyond certain amount are given on some security.
  What is the role of Foreign Studies of Bureau?  
FSB serves like sign-post for students who need directions about higher studies in Singapore.
The Singapore Colleges & Universities we represent have given us the College Application Forms for various courses & the Application Forms of various UK & Aus Universities they have tie-up with.
FSB has Student Visa Application Forms (Form 16, Form 36, etc). We sit & discuss with the students and parents all details about the courses available, Fees, Entry requirements, Intake dates, Duration of the courses, Exemptions possible, Advanced level entry conveniences, Accommodation-and-Food guidance, etc. We suggest travel plans too.
We sit with the applicants to fill the Course Forms & Visa Applications without errors. Any error will result in rejection of visa.
We furnish the full list of Documents to be enclosed for different Institutions.
We check everything minutely and then we send the Forms to the College with our covering notes.
The applicants, if they need, can be picked up at the airport and taken to the hostels on some reasonable fees.
  Where do the services of FSB end? Do you handle placement too?  
FSB does not handle Job placements.
The services & role of FSB come to an end with getting the admission for the applicant, but we continue to be available for any help. Student Pass is usually granted unless the details in the application are wrong, self-contradictory, appear to be fabricated or the applicant’s true motive appears to be not education. It is granted by the Government of Singapore through their ICA department; but, there is an appeal facility available even when the Student Pass is rejected.
  How much does FSB charge for these services?  
FSB, in general, offers these admission & Visa, accommodation, travel plans, Foreign Exchange, Education Loans, Bank Balance certificates, etc. Services FREE of Charge when it advises for the private Universities & Colleges which FSB represents. For those institutions which FSB does not represent, a reasonable service charge may be collected However, the applicants pay the Courier & ISD charges connected with the Application procedure and, for this they pay to FSB a token amount of Rs.15,000. (Rupees Fifteen Thousand Thousand only.)